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tv   Headline News  RT  March 5, 2013 6:00am-6:29am EST

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frontline after more than a decade of war this time planning of salt via the ballot rather than the battlefield. there's no shortage of ambition as a new generation of parents to take the reins in china the communist party is promising to spend everything it needs to cement its superpower status. must become. quotable military. and israel benjamin netanyahu pulls no punches on iran and labeling diplomacy a waste of time calling once again for the taking up of arms against tehran and its nuclear ambitions. it's so good to have you with us this afternoon three pm here in the russian capital i'm the sea captain of and you're watching our t.v.
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welcome to our top story now with the afghan presidential election approaching next year the taliban says it is seriously considering entering politics after more than a decade of war vast numbers killed and little ground made by either side it would certainly mark a significant shift in the group's approach now a senior official however made it clear that taking a part of the democratic vote wouldn't necessarily come at the expense of the insurgency the group may form a registered political party which called could well have a solid chance of seizing power now this map right here shows you the regions that are either poised for a taliban comeback or have areas already under their control seventeen of them in all this is according to data from the carnegie endowment meanwhile former afghan member of parliament would still tons away believes that the current government which set the ground for a taliban comeback. this government has so much so many problems that western world have lost their credibility in this government has no credibility so in that sort
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of a situation that taliban had they've been smart they would have scored big in the political front but i think the taliban can take advantage of this void in fill that vacuum it is up to the taliban to show their real face not the face that is pushed by the british intelligence are the facts on the intelligence do you think and aleck did taliban could save face so to speak for the western groups there well they say they may say ok well the taliban is here but this time it's by a vote so that's good enough i think the west is confused the west is looking for an exit a very speedy exit and there i'm afraid that they will probably do whatever is possible whatever is convenient to put up a very very. farmy law and a very temporary fix and then leave and then things will go back to where it had started that's the problem in the region has to realize that we have to find
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sustainable fixes for this problem not a temporary face saving thing for the nato to leave and then leave a big problem for afghanistan for the neighborhood. well remember that we here in our t. are always interested in getting to know about what you think about any of our stories and now we're getting the opportunity to share your opinion on what the taliban's likely to become by heading over to our web site at r.t. dot com now those of you who have already had a chance to vote we want to show you the breakdown of the results so far as you can see in the blue almost thirty eight percent of you right here think that there is no way that afghanistan will see peace in the near future of a small percentage of thirty five right there believe that the taliban will only become part of the will become the only force in the country anyway after nato troops withdraw in two thousand and fourteen now eighteen percent in the orange of the great there believe that the taliban will simply run out of support if the group doesn't lay down its arms with the rest of you convinced that it has already
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become a powerful political force well it's not too late to vote so head over to r.t. dot com to cast your ballot. raging violence across egypt shows no sign of abating anytime soon. government buildings torched seven hundred people injured protesters police and the army clash in port by eaves following the funerals of those who have already died in the turmoil. china's prime minister has opened the national people's congress in beijing the event is especially significant this year due to a handover of power to a new generation of communist party leaders which only occurs once in a decade now delegates will also be rubber stamping the country's plans for the next few years among the aims are the continuing of china's economic growth as well as double digit boost to military spending but environmental and anti-corruption
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measures were also mentioned reflecting perhaps a concern over a clue pollution and the abuse of office by senior politicians that speak now to professor steve sang at the university of nottingham forest thoughts on the first day of the conference or welcome to the program now i want to begin you've previously had some interesting perspective on how much faith do you have in the new guard in actually being interested in genuine political reforms can you fill us in on that. well there is political reform and there is political reform where the chinese leaders talk of a particular form is that what essentially what you believe political we've all that moody's to progressively some kind of democratization and is not what the chinese leaders after taking about they are committed to reform in the political arena in order to strip the capacity of the communist party to stay in
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power and in so far as that they are sincere of lethal or not in terms of chemical composition and what do you think about the promises are hopes for economic reform . but you can let me reform is something that they have been doing for about thirty years sed what you need to do. is something which they said they need to do in the last ten years and they wish to do which is to rebalance the economy to reduce the call me on export driven growth and on investments in infrastructure us but if i didn't interrupt very briefly china's rise has of course been unparalleled so far economically why do you think there is the need to change things now. well because the last ten years while a was over nine percent per annum to come bomb. growth was dependent on government
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investments in infrastructure and is also dependent on export and with the weakening of the google economy and the existence of a bubble in the homes and mark it's. not sustainable to become sustainable the chinese economy will have to be driven by domestic consumption and that has not yet happened in a sufficiently knowledge scale and switching gears a little bit i want to focus on military spending we of course heard that china will be boosting its military spending by ten point seven percent this year how concerned do you think the united states will be by this figure considering that the u.s. has claimed to be doing reductions in its own military spending i don't think the other stays is too concerned about china's increase in military spending and that is something which merican expected the chinese to do to us do you. use which indicated the t.'s between the americans and the chinese and it's understandable
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that the chinese want to upgrade and modernize to cuba but if he's but there is still very very enormous and very briefly what about china's relations with the outside world do you foresee any changes or developments in that. well in terms of china's relationship with. the new chinese president xi jinping is that much more so complete and also to have a nationalistic. call we're likely to see china much more assertive it makes ten years it's going to be in east asia in one area that i think we need to be paying special attention is china's relationship with japan and the going to be all that goes i don't score say god who by the japanese and you by the chinese all right well professor steve saying from the university of nottingham thank you so much for weighing in right here on r.t. thank you sir thank you well on line for you the fiery fury of mother nature
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since i put it on volcano eruption and darkness far east of wakening after thirty years of lying dormant it was no threat to locals but it certainly is putting on a spectacular light show there's the video right there. also for you e-mails and phone calls aren't enough pentagon scientists look for ways to transcribe every real world conversation into a giant computer database so should you watch your every word from now on you can find out by logging on to our dot com.
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portside eight is locked in a cycle of violence the funerals of people who died in fighting on sunday served only as a catalyst for yet more clashes as government buildings were set ablaze in the police and army were locked in street battles the turmoil had begun after suspects held over the severe football violence last year were moved to a prison is located outside the city are true reports. we're seeing very bloody and chaotic scenes coming from the coastal city of puts this comes off to a funeral for three people killed and the ministry of health announced a bed five people to have killed three civilians and police offices there's also been a very confusing reports of the army and the police fighting each other although we have no confirmation on that the military maintains that the armed forces are in the streets to protect the police and help the police in this situation that is gradually descending this comes ahead of
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a very important verdict on saturday on this massacre at this point saeed football must go that occurred february last year when the crash actually broke out on sunday just thirty nine of the defendants related to this case that were moved from the prison that they were in families found out about this very angry when security directorates where they started fighting with police even in the funeral imports which is really related towards this verdict on saturday people were chanting against the muslim brotherhood the ruling party here behind the ring party here and also i guess the president there's been a lot of anger in the streets of cairo and also the major cities across the country since the second anniversary of january to do find revolution here in tahrir square a sit in continues even though security forces attempted to clear it so yesterday morning in fact there's been clashes actually in the capital small clashes on the cornish and what people are saying here is they've seen no change as major economic were used a quarter of the country is below the poverty line people are against this i.m.f.
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loan the four point eight billion dollars loan that said the president is trying to push through they also against the constitution who they say was. drafted by an islamist dominated assembly and in addition we've got parliamentary elections on the horizon that people say you know shouldn't be happening so there's many many grievances here with these clashes erupting across the country and no sign of any of this violence abating anytime soon. beltre reporting there why england colorado was further fueled by the visit of the u.s. secretary of state whose presence the opposition seemed to strongly object to john kerry then continued on to saudi arabia to send joint warnings to iran and the syrian leader but journalist and clarke believes that allying with a country that he thinks has no democratic credentials undermines the message. well these autocratic go states the way which the u.s. has two decades maintained each control based very important region having these kind of leaders they're the undemocratic leaders in saudi arabia bahrain. the way
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the us can maintain its control of this very strategically important region and of course now there's a big problem because these governments these autocratic regimes and in the gulf are coming under increasing pressure and we see now quite clearly that the u.s. because these great promoters of democracy when it comes to bahrain is saudi arabia not siding with the protest as they're not signing with the opposition they are in syria on the contrary they are sending more military hardware to these countries and they are supporting crackdowns on the opposition a lot they are shelling it's the motion to the idea of joining the euro zone and that is just a fight and say gloves come close critics say that it is bartering financial safety for political advantage. and the mysterious now that it happened almost blind at the artistic director of one of the world's most renowned ballet theaters the bolshoi could be a step closer to being solved as police arrest a suspect that story coming up for you after a short break. these
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children. they're serving a certain. just like their mother. the ones born in prison. now most of the crimes committed by their parents. babies. are to. see good laboratory to kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot
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which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dot com. welcome back you're watching our team players have brought in a suspect over an assault on the ballet director of russia's bolshoi theater sergei fenian and then on attacker had splashed a jar of acid in his face in mid january as he was walking home from work at night or to his arena has the latest for us. we're being told that they have the investigators have arrested the man who they believe is actually the pair the person who carried out the crime of of the acid attack on the of the on sergei filin and now they're not they're not disclosing his name at the moment they do say
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that he was arrested in the town in the moscow region and brought to moscow for interrogation they're also saying that he did have an accomplice but it's unclear at this point who that accomplice was and whether or not he was also i pretended as well another thing to note is that the investigators are saying that these two men have have been merely the executors of the crime and indeed there is somebody else behind it the mastermind so to speak and that person or persons is yet to be determined and they're also saying that neither of the of the suspects of who have actually committed the crime are in any way associated with the bolshoi theater or the belly troops so. that is one important issue to keep in mind while thinking about the case now before he left for his treatment in germany and those who gave feeling did receive extensive burns to his face and neck and his eyesight has been especially damaged so he has been undergoing treatment to restore his eyesight in germany before leaving for that he did say that he believes he knows who has been
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behind the crime but he didn't want to disclose the name or the names of those persons so as not to enter interfere with the investigation and of course you can find us online at our team dot com for more details on this developing story. there's really a prime minister has made us feelings clearer than ever on iran binyamin netanyahu told a meeting of america's most powerful israeli lobbyists that negotiations with tehran are waste of time in that he thinks that only military action will make a difference or two of course there are reports now on the message the israeli prime minister is at it again the grease in his favorite topic words alone will not stop you. sanctions alone will not stop iran sanctions must be a couple with a clear and credible military threat if diplomacy and sanctions fail strong statements from a needed and bold and by new could come power on yahoo bornstein
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a complex world public affairs committee iran is using international negotiations to buy time so it can precede head with its nuclear program a message he's willing to in the past. how do you stop well you have to put greater pressure on you have to upgrade the sanctions and they have to know that if the sanctions and diplomacy fails they will face a credible military threat that's essential nothing else will do the job. and it's getting closer. so much for the sigh of relief many greeted following last month's parliamentary elections the surprising win by same tempo piece political parties prompted many to believe netanyahu would back down from the streets to strike iran ask those on the street who voted against netanyahu they feel the message was clear take your finger up if the trigger in your three to attack iran
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give economic sanctions and diplomacy a chance but analysts on so sure netanyahu has any intention of toning down the rhetoric and the ten year old is a man which is very much concerned about his position in history and he understands that now his third by ministership i'm afraid that one off the reasons if you would like to foster taking against iran is to place himself at the history of the israeli people and it's making these regular public nervous daniel be an obvious company sells a system that provides ventilation in bomb shelters in times of chemical or biological attacks he says each time it on yahoo mentions he ran the number of queries goes up. some people prefer not to think of the threat but it's there and they know it so we have clients just calling to find out about the system but who have difficulty deciding to buy one and then we have some people who are more alert
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these are the people who as soon as there is some tension in the media will call and order the system you know a lot of worry is good for business and that's really how problem it is or are we we're so many money go. on that matter one is an israeli graphic designer who accidentally created an online movement after posting a facebook message declaring that israel would never bomb iran other israelis quickly created the own posters with the same message and iranians responded in kind but they're up against this on yahoo and he's more powerful message i think a big part of it is people voting out of fear out of you know being afraid of the walker coming in he's the one you know fighting the war will ensure speculation about a possible israeli strike on iran is also keeping foreign investors away maybe a weary that while war might mean big business for some it spells disaster for others policy r t tel aviv. they are bad conference also saw
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a large group of activists protesting against america's close relationship with israel after both were there benjamin believes that people should be more concerned about the nature of this meeting. apac is really a danger to our national security a pac is pushing the policies of a foreign government in israel which is not always in the interests of the united states and i should say is not always in the interests of the israelis either i think this push towards war with iran is disastrous for everybody in the region as well as us here in the united states we're looking at a conflagration of tremendous proportions so much so that there are those in the u.s. military that are trying to hard to stop this because they know how disastrous the u.s. getting into such a conflict would be in fact it would be very easy for iran to retaliate against u.s. embassies against u.s. troops that are stationed in many places around the world so i think that this push
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by apac is really something that all of us who are rational human beings and know that a war would be so disastrous have to pressure our president not to follow the lines of a pack and instead to pursue diplomacy austerity protests across europe and government coffers not a concern when it comes to lock me up the country has formally appealed for membership to the eurozone in two thousand and fourteen john epping who is a member of the european parliament himself says that lott you know wants to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. and lead if you want to be a member of nato or of the e.u. or of the eurozone so want to be a member of a bigger bloc no need to i can imagine the e.u. i can imagine with the eurozone at the moment is not the right club to join because lead view came out of the crisis in two thousand and ten and the economic recovery started shortly after it actually legacy is doing quite well so one could wonder
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why does latvia want to end the eurozone you'd have an economic crisis would come back to latvia lead of the year in the euro zone cannot leave have you and will have to stay in the like agrees is doing now in greece is go towards a lot of suffering and that is the economic downside to perhaps the political advantage to the number of a bigger club berliners fear that they might soon be forced out of the german capital because their income can't keep pace with housing costs real estate is becoming unaffordable for locals and people from richer regions are swooping in or he's bitter all over once to find out just how bad the situation really is. who are both sexy that so. lovingly described his city. now some berliners feel this way of life is coming and the threat it was in here in there if you keep your inquiries we've seen big changes over the past ten years more and more apartment buildings have been built in areas where people traditionally used
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to rent what we're seeing is people being forced from their homes real estate prices in berlin have shot up by thirty two percent since two thousand and seven well ahead of the german average this is resulted in some tenants of the and victor good as their rented flat this is sold from underneath and prompting anger and demonstrations from those who see the city's identity being sold to the highest bidder isn't. our problem here is that berlin is turning into a city split between the haves and have nots rising prices of forced people who have lived here for years to move out and those who have come don't mix. this year has seen an increase in the amount of protests against the gentrification of lin as well as growing resentment towards other germans and foreigners moving into the city for the most part the public image of this still poor but sexy however times
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are changing the new emerging face of berlin is certainly stylish however it's also becoming increasingly an affordable due to the demand from people wanting to live and the desirable location economically viable and politically secure the lynas becoming the place of choice for southern europeans to invest in during turbulent times in their own countries. can't turn sells and rents property to italians. in the town. one of the main reasons our customers are buying here is that there is no trust in their telling economy or the. banks people see an apartment in berlin as a good way to preserve the value of their savings. was about the claims that the real estate boom is stealing and sold this invigorate this is progress berlin is developing sure it presents some challenges but this is just the same as when the
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wall came down and people moved into more areas if anything this creates the mall. that makes berlin what it is the best new housing developments are being built all around the city to try and accommodate demand however with rental prices having risen by ninety percent in the last decade it does seem that the writing is on the wall for the dream of an affordable life in the german capital peter all of a. belin. don't change that channel breaking a set of coming up after a short break.
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john kerry made his first major verbal gaffe as secretary of state by mixing the nonexistent country of courage to stand in one of his speeches of course it is funny when politicians misspeak george bush was pretty good at that but i can say that we all make mistakes when we speak trust me it is very easy to butcher the pronunciation of some place on earth like course to loaf of all or walla walla washington the thing is that he didn't just misspeak his speech was written correctly and if you look at his eyes as he said it he wasn't really looking at notes or something he was reading it off of a teleprompter right now i am reading off a teleprompter but i put every word there myself which is probably why john kerry is spelled with a q but my question is would kerry and prompter mr obama just read anything put in front of them to they even really know the realities of the tiriel they're reading in their speeches and who are deeply versed on some subject and you should need to read word for word from a teleprompter to give a speech just try writing some notes and speaking with your brain and maybe your heart like in the good old days but that's just my opinion.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food because you know how. i got so many i mean. i know i'm sitting in the same thing really messed up. in the treasury so personally apologized and said. the worst cure for that was the flight out sort of a radio guy and for the tail minestrone click stuff is what you get such quote for a politician.


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